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I'm RamRaj Vishwakarma
A UX Designer

Currently designing products and websites for

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Previously worked with amazing people from different companies like

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In the first iteration

​I strongly believe design is an iterative and collaborative process and it can not be perfect in one go. That's why "you say design, I say an iterative process"

About me

A Product Designer with 4+ years of experience in UI design, UX processes, and Data Visualization. Passionate about UI trends, music production and AI's creative applications.

Let's create something incredible together!


I'm intrigued by visual trends and the psychology behind decision-making. Design, to me, is a catalyst for societal and personal transformations, simplifying complexity.

Despite a non-design background, I overcame challenges, attended design college, and had the privilege of collaborating with brilliant minds from organizations such as ISRO, Extramarks, Think Design, and various esteemed clients in the USA. My expertise lies in UI design, UX processes, and Data Visualization.

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I also play the guitar sometimes

Beyond the screen, music fuels my passion, I have an interest in music production and guitar playing. In addition, the potential possibilities for AI fascinate me and I constantly keep exploring AI tools and applications that support creative brains in music and design.

Recent work | Prototype

Authoring tool

Handling a Question Bank with 9 types of questions for 2.2 Million Students

Web 1920 – 12.jpg

UX case study | Wireframe 

Extramarks Learning App:

Making Learning, Engaging, Interactive & Fun:

10m+ downloads in Play Store with 94% positive review. 


UX case study | Wireframe | Prototype | Personal Project


An AI driven money management app that tracks your monthly expenses and assists you in saving money and fulfils your wishlists through savings.

Web 1920 – 15.png

UX case study | Wireframe 

Extramarks Content repository

Managing 20+ boards and 10 million+
educational content in a single place 

iPhone 13, 12 Pro – 3.png

Dashboard Design | Client Project

Stock Holdings Dashboard

Stock holding management dashboard 

exploration for a client project.


Tableau Dashboard | Fun project

Vaccination in India

A fun project created over a BI tool Tableau as a part of learning data visualization and testing Tableau's capabilities

Kind words

Ganesh S.

Ph.D. - IIT Delhi | Design Engineer | Entrepreneur | Ex-Professor

Ramraj vishwakarma was an indispensable member of the team and made significant contributions to the accomplishments of both the Extramark Teachers app and the NEMR platform. Since I started working with him almost a year ago, I have known him in a professional capacity. It is possible to rely on him to complete the task at hand because he gives his full attention to everything he does.

He is excellent at Wireframing, Prototyping, and User Research. Also, He is humble and sincere in his approach to getting the tasks done. Ram provided outstanding results for Extramarks for the Reporting tool, Test engine, and Authoring tool both Web and Mobile. He is a great team player and understands the importance of timely delivery of tasks assigned.

Working at Extramarks is incredibly challenging, and Ram was able to meet all of the requirements for the job. I have complete faith in Ram as a person, and I will continue to hold him in the highest regard.

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