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About me

In addition to design, I enjoy playing the guitar, writing and composing songs and love to perform them,

My inspiration:

I am always inquisitive about visual trends and why we take certain decisions and why our brain tries to find patterns. I believe design influences societal, product, and even personal transformations.  Making things simpler and asking the right question is challenging. And this is what inspired me to be a designer.

My experience so far in design:

Due to my persistence and tenacity, I was able to enter a design college and advance to my current job despite coming from a non design background.

In these 4 years in design, I collaborated with international clients on data design projects in Think Design, Scientists in ISRO, and students and teachers in my current company.

Having worked with various individuals, I was amazed to realise that design is not about just aesthetics it's about people and making their lives simple and joyful with whatever task they undertake.

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